Sikamino Family Farm Sikamino family Farm is located in Attica, focusing mainly on the organic cultivation of grapes, olives, almonds but also legumes and aromatic plants. The farm was established on 1970 applying cultivation practices compliant with the local environment (e.g. using native plant species and varieties). It can be stated that the applied cultivation practices were and are compliant with the agroecology principles even-though the first members of the family weren’t aware of it. The farm aims to maintain diversification organizing crops, shrubs, and trees of different heights, shapes and types within the farm boundaries. Intercropping and crop rotations is applied while a small part of the farm remains permanently uncultivated in order to support the habitats of various helpful insects and pollinators. Although there is no sheep husbandry realised within the farm, synergies and good relations with neighbouring sheep breeder facilitate the realization natural grass mowing simultaneously fertilising the soil with their manure. Climate change already affects the local conditions with less rain and often heatwaves. Traditional irrigation practices are becoming more expensive and less sustainable. The farm is currently attempting to transform and adapt data-driven decision making assisted by digital technologies in order to optimise the use of inputs.
Farm name Sikamino Agroecology Farm
Country Greece
Area Oropos, Attika Region
Farm type Agroecological cultivations (olives, grapes, almonds)
Organic farm Yes
Size of farm 1 ha
Farm management type Experimental farm / Knowledge Transfer farm
Demonstration activities Agroecological farming practices (organic), Agroecological vineyard management, Agroecological olive orchard management, Topics not related to a specific crop or animal
On the following crops: Olive trees, Grapevines, Almond trees, Companion planting (e.g. corn, pumpkin, beans)
On the following crop topics: Fertility and soil management, Sensor based irrigation management, Agroecological weed management
On the following animals:
On the following topics (animal husbandry related): Sheep as natural lawn-mowers, On farm management and diversification topics, Biodiversity and nature management
On farm management and diversification topics Biodiversity and nature management, Circular economy, Climate change mitigation and adaption, Smart Farming Technologies